mr. winker (mr_winker) wrote,
mr. winker


2 Unlimited - Faces,1993. Классический евродэнс. Много приятных воспоминаний связано с этой песней.

All around different faces I see
Some are happy, some in misery
The express joy and pain
No 2 faces are the same

People, people all over town
Some of them are poor
And others wear a crown
I've seen a lot, so many faces
Joy and pain in different places
Open your mind, set your soul free
Figure it out, what it will be
Sympathize, understand
Give love and peace to the other fellowman

Playing with your life, playing with you soul
The all scream out : "I'm the one in control"
Killin' over colours, silly stupid games
You know who you are without no names
Don't mess the world cause that's a sequel
Open your mind cause we're talking 'bout the people
In the world, all kind of places
Different races, different faces
Tags: eurodance, видеоклип, музыка, настроение, ностальгия
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